A Comprehensive Review of the All-New Opel Mokka

The all-new Opel Mokka has finally arrived and it’s time to see if it lives up to the hype. This comprehensive review will put the Mokka to the test and provide an in-depth look at all its features and capabilities. From the exterior styling, to the powertrain, to the interior comfort and convenience, no detail will be overlooked. We’ll also take the Mokka for a spin and provide our own personal opinion on how it drives. Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or just curious about what this vehicle has to offer, this review will provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. So let’s get started and take a closer look at the all-new Opel Mokka .

Overview of the Opel Mokka

The Mokka is a subcompact car sold by GM’s European brand Opel. It is available in three different models: the Mokka , Mokka L and Mokka XL. This review will focus primarily on the standard Mokka model. The Mokka is one of the newest entries in the subcompact car market, competing directly with the likes of the Honda Civic, Toyota Yaris, Hyundai i20, Ford Fiesta, Chevrolet Sonic, VW Polo, Nissan Micra and many others. The Mokka was first unveiled in 2017 with a full range of models available for purchase in Europe in early 2018, with the United States getting the Mokka in early 2019. There are two different powertrain options for the Mokka: a 1.0-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine and a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. The standard Mokka is equipped with the smaller 1.0-liter engine, while the Mokka L and Mokka XL get the larger 1.5-liter engine. Both engines are offered with a six-speed manual transmission as standard and an optional six-speed automatic transmission.

Exterior Styling

The Mokka’s exterior styling is aggressive, sporty and stylish. It has a youthful design with plenty of character and personality. Up front, the Mokka features a bold and sleek grille with a bold Opel badge in the center. The lower portion of the grille has an integrated honeycomb pattern, while the upper portion is smooth and surrounded by chrome. There are also stylish LED accents integrated into the grille that can be turned on or off. On either side of the grille, the front bumper has integrated fog lights and stylish chrome accents. The front bumper also has a sporty carbon fiber-type finish. Above the front grille, the Mokka has a sporty and stylish hood with a longitudinal groove along the center. The hood has integrated turn signal indicators integrated into the top edge and a sleek and stylish Opel badge. The most eye-catching styling feature on the Mokka is the boomerang-style lights. The Mokka offers one of the most unique front-end designs in the subcompact car segment and is easily recognizable. The rear of the Mokka has a sleek and aggressive look with a stylish tailgate spoiler integrated into the rear hatch. The tailgate has a unique wave-pattern shape and integrated turn signal indicators. The rear bumper also has integrated fog lights.


The Mokka is available with two different powertrain options. As mentioned earlier, the standard Mokka is equipped with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine. The Mokka L and Mokka XL get a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. Both engines produce the same amount of horsepower and torque (134 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque), but the larger 1.5-liter engine is more efficient. The smaller 1.0-liter engine is rated at 26 mpg in the city, 33 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg combined, while the 1.5-liter engine is rated at 29 mpg in the city, 38 mpg on the highway and 34 mpg combined. The 1.0-liter engine comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission and the 1.5-liter engine is offered with either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic transmission.

Interior Design

The Mokka’s interior design is modern, stylish, functional and comfortable. The Mokka features a modern and minimalistic design with a large touchscreen infotainment system and a large center console. The center console is long and low with a large storage compartment and plenty of room for both passengers’ legs and a cup of coffee. The doors are also long and wide, providing ample space for both front and rear passengers. The doors also feature a sliding armrest and an integrated drink holder for both front and rear passengers. Front passengers have a wide and deep armrest with a stylish chrome accent and a large and easy-to-reach grab handle. The front seats are wide and comfortable, with generous head room and leg room. Rear passengers, however, won’t be as impressed with the Mokka’s interior design. The rear seats are a little shallow and narrow, with limited head room. The rear seatbacks are also not as convenient for passengers since they don’t have integrated armrests. The rear seat is wide enough for passengers to sit comfortably, but leg room is a bit cramped due to the Mokka’s tall and boxy design.

Comfort and Convenience

The Mokka’s interior design is modern and stylish, but it falls short when it comes to convenience and comfort. The front seats are wide and comfortable, with a deep armrest and plenty of leg room. The front seats are also heated and ventilated, which is a nice touch. The rear seats, however, are rather shallow and narrow. Rear passengers will find that the lack of leg room is a major drawback of the Mokka’s design. The lack of rear seat armrests is also disappointing for rear passengers. The Mokka’s interior design is modern and stylish, but lacks the convenience and comfort of other subcompact cars in its segment. The Mokka also falls short in terms of its cabin noise, which is on the louder side.

Technology and Safety Features

The Mokka comes standard with a few safety features such as driver, passenger and side airbags, a rearview camera and a tire pressure monitoring system. The Mokka L and Mokka XL add an emergency braking system and blind spot monitoring. The standard Mokka is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, while the Mokka L and Mokka XL have an 8-inch touchscreen. The standard touchscreen system is easy to use and has a modern and stylish look and feel. A nice feature integrated into the Mokka’s touchscreen system is the “Find Car” function. This feature allows the owner to use their smartphone to locate their Mokka on a map using GPS. The Mokka can also be remotely unlocked, started and locked using an app on the owner’s smartphone. Other available features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an AM/FM radio, satellite radio, USB and AUX inputs, Bluetooth connectivity and a nine-speaker Bose audio system.

Driving Impressions

The Mokka is a subcompact car, so don’t expect a lot of power or a lot of comfort. While the Mokka’s interior design is modern, stylish and functional, it falls short in terms of convenience and comfort. The Mokka’s spacious front seats are comfortable and feature a modern and stylish design, but the narrow and shallow rear seats are disappointing. The Mokka’s cabin noise is also on the louder side, so it’s best not to ride in the back seat if you’re looking for a quiet ride. Finally, the Mokka’s driving performance is on the disappointing side. While the 1.0-liter engine provides adequate power, the Mokka is not a comfortable ride. The Mokka’s stiff suspension and loud engine noise make for a loud and unimpressive driving experience. Overall, the Mokka is a subcompact car, so don’t expect much. It’s not the most comfortable or convenient ride and it certainly doesn’t provide a quiet or smooth ride.

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